Help to find a poster from long ago 1970 time frame

I am looking for a poster that dates back to the early 1970 time frame. I saw this poster many times back then at a funky art store but never bought it. Now I have a place for it at the camp and want to find it. I have looked and looked on Google but cannot find.

This is a fantasy space traveler fantasy poster with the following things in it.

[li]The view is from within a cave looking out over the barren landscape.[/li][li]Inside the cave is Mr. & Mrs. Space-Explorer, no space suits, so clearly this planet has oxygen.[/li][li]Mr. & Mrs. Space-Explorer have just finished the bump uglies on the cave floor and are done.[/li][li]She is looking lovingly at him, and he at her.[/li][li]Outside the cave over the landscape you can see 2 or 3 very large spiders heading their way.[/li][li]At the cave entrance the 1st spider is just poking his head over the edge and is looking at them.[/li][li]In about 10 seconds Mr. & Mrs. Space-Explorer are in for the fight of their lives with the spiders.[/li][/ul]

Any help to find this poster would be much appreciated and my thanks to you in advance.

You might search eBay current and completed items if you can think of some relevant search terms.

Doesn’t ring a bell for me but it sounds like it might be a Frank Frazetta piece.

Ohh, getting close but not exact. I just reviewed about 30 of them. I notice that his pieces are all vertical, while I recall the one I am trying to find was horizontal. Also I recall a bit more barren, not quite so busy as I see with Frazetta.

It never occurred to me to look for specific artists, and I will do that now. Great lead and thanks.

I just googled:

Fantasy art spider space cave

And got some promising hits.