Help track down a short story

I’m trying to find a classic sci fi short story. It’s about a man who transfers his conciousness into a body on the moon trying to navigate a strange sort of maze. One wrong move and he dies, his spirit going back into his safe body. It is traumatic, but he learns to go farther each time he dies. I can’t remember how it ends or any other details. I just know it was absorbing and I’d like to read again now that I’m older. Any help would preserve my sanity. I’m going crazy trying to find this. Normal searches have failed.

Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys.

This one is a perennial on the SDMB. Everyone sort of remembers it but doesn’t quite remember how it all worked out.

Let me just point out that this was originally a novella:

It was then expanded into a novel:

Here’s further information about it: