help transfering Ipod to a new computer

I just bought a new laptop and I want to switch my Ipod from my desktop to the laptop. Can I do this and how? Thanks

Install iTunes on the laptop.
Get whatever music you want into iTunes on the laptop.
Open iTunes, connect iPod.
It’ll ask if you want to sync it with this music library.
Say Yes.

Notes: You can use your iTunes Music Store account on up to 5 machines. You should enable it on the new machine. If you plan to retire the old machine, you should disable it on that one.

I thing smhanse is trying to get the files off of the iPod and onto the new laptop without reripping.

Download senuti (that’s “itunes” spelled backwards; comedy gold!). It’s freeware. You open up senuti on the laptop without opening iTunes. It lets you shuttle off of the iPod and onto your computer. I used this on an older iPod and I have to tell you the iPod got pretty warm :eek: ; I was transferring some 5500 songs and tried to do it all in one shot. It may be safer for your iPod to work in sections/sessions over several days, perhaps alphbetically.

Senuti worked like a champ for me. (And thanks for explaining senuti’s etymology).

If you use iTunes to pull music off the iPod, you’ll only be able to play it when the iPod’s connected, yes? But, there are many third party programs that let you copy off the iPod permanently. (Some of them, like iTunes music store files, still can only be played through iTunes.)

Be careful. If the iPod has been set to automatically sync with iTunes - and this flag is on the iPod, not the computer - you’re better off using a third party program to copy off all the files before even installing iTunes. I work for a company that makes such a program, and people manage to blank their iPods all the time this way. Better to just get the files on the computer before installing iTunes if you’re not sure (or, if this isn’t practical, quickly close iTunes when it opens).

You are correct, this is exactly what I was needing. Thanks…

Heh. I had the damn thing installed for about a year before I realized. And as a kid, I spent hours reading signs backwards to annoy my parents (long story).

Actually, when you hook up the iPod to your computer, it enables an “iPod” section of the preferences settings. That lets you set “synch” to “manual.”