An iPod question, if you please

Sorry, but my search-fu isn’t up to snuff, I guess.

I have a desktop PC with iTunes on it. I’ve uploaded all my music to this computer and synced with my iPod. No problems.

I bought a new laptop and downloaded iTunes to it.

My question: If I sync my iPod to the new laptop, will the music upload to the computer? Or will it just erase everything on the iPod?

If it’s the latter, how can I transfer all the music from the old PC to the new laptop?

Thanks, all you geniuses.

The latter.

You need to copy the files directly to the new PC - via CD/DVD/Thumb Drive/network connection.

If you have songs purchased from the iTunes store you will need to authorize the new PC to be able to play them.

Alternatively there are third-party programs that will upload music from an iPod - I believe WinAmp can do this now. This will not allow you to play copy-protected iTunes store songs though, only unprotected files.

With multiple computers, or multiple iPods with different libraries, it becomes important to check the “Devices” preference panel in iTunes before connecting up your iPod.
If automatic syncing is not disabled, it will replace the library on whatever iPod is plugged in.
This is often not the desired behavior.

When I got a new laptop, I was able to get music off my ipod and onto the new computer. I didn’t get my instructions fromthis webpage but from what I recall, I did basically same steps. Also, when I downloaded iTunes for the first time, I made sure to uncheck the autosync option so I didn’t have to worry about accidentally erasing my ipod.

This is basically correct, but I just wanted to add that recent versions of iTunes will ask you whether you want to copy purchased music from an iPod to your computer when you plug it in, if the files are present on the iPod but not on the computer. You will still have to authorize that computer to play the files, of course, and unprotected files cannot be copied via iTunes.

That said, if you have a network connection for both computers, it’s often simpler to just drag the iTunes Music folder from one machine to the other (and go for a coffee, lunch, or vacation while it’s copying over, depending on how much music you have.)

Well, I gave it my best shot, but these instructions are for XP. My new laptop is Vista, and some of the instructions don’t apply. Total failure. Any other suggestions?

If your entire music library is on your iPod and you want to scoot the whole library over to the laptop, these guys should have the answer. If the whole library does NOT fit on the iPod, I suppose you could make several “trips” as it were, but I’d be more apt to get a jumpdrive or an external hard drive or just network the computers and copy it on over.

Just popped back in to say thanks for the help. I finally got it figured out, but not without some creative cursing.