One iPod on two computers?

I have the 30 gig video iPod. Ever since I first bought it I would use it connected to my desktop computer to get my music from iTunes. I have it set on the option to manually update songs so that I can drag & drop whatever I want, it does not automatically sync.
I just bought a new laptop and I want to be able to put music from my laptop onto my iPod as well (NOT take stuff off of the iPod.) I just want to put files onto the iPod from my two computers.
My question is, if I just plug the iPod into my laptop, will it automatically sync to the iTunes library on the laptop & delete everything from the iPod? When I previously set it to manual drag & drop, is that a setting for the iPod *itself *(and will be manual for whatever I plug into) or just iTunes on my desktop?

The “manually manage library” option is just a setting for the iTunes software; if you plug your player into another computer that has iTunes installed, the player will sync with that computer and end up with nothing. If you want to use multiple computers for one iPod, you’ll need to get third party software for syncing instead of iTunes; Podmaxx is a popular program, I’m sure you can find some others if you google around. I don’t know if there are any decent free ones available.

Really? I was reading around on Apple’s website after posting my question and I found this:

which seems to say that I *can *connect to iTunes on two computers.
Has anyone tried it before and can tell me if that is actually the case?

Your opportunity to connect an iPod or similar Apple device to different computers may be limited:


Perhaps Apple will allow the original owner to setup more than one computer for accessing the iPod. Otherwise, you could be SOL if they integrate this anti-theft system.

I’ve successfully plugged my (fourth-gen) iPod into a relative’s iMac without losing my music (indeed, I did so to be able to play my music.) As the Apple support document said, a dialog box popped up saying that this iPod was synced to another computer, and would I like to sync it to this computer instead. Of course, in my case, the iPod was synced to my home computer, but the point is that there’s a mechanism in place to avoid the auto-sync.


I do this all the time, mostly so I can charge my iPod if I’m away from home. You do have to be careful about reading all of the dialog boxes that open up. But Apple’s directions do work.