Help translating couple of Chinese nuclear test charts/photos?

I was wondering if I could get a little help with one of my weird hobbies—namely, translating a little chart of Chinese nuclear tests, a couple of photo captions, and a museum plaque? Google or Babelfish don’t help, I’m afraid, as they’re graphics, not text.

(And before anyone asks, I found these just through “normal” web searching.)

The chart, here…I can at least partially decipher. Column two is dates, column three is weapon yields (in deka-kilotons, apparently, oddly enough); and column five seems to be the aircraft model used in the test (H-6’s and Q-5s), with aircraft serial number in a couple of cases.

The second…is the blue text overlayed on some photos of atomic bomb casings in a Chinese museum. I think the “1:1” in the captions might simply be part of a “1:1 scale model” notation.

The last one…is apparently from a plaque in front of a Chinese nuclear weapon casing, at an unknown display. All that I can read is the “1955,” which is around the year of the start of the PRC nuclear program.

So…can anyone help?

I…believe I’m allowed the customary single “bump” for my whacko question, right? :smack:

(Note to self: Put the word “nipple” in the title of next thread. That outta bring 'em in.)

Your best bet is going to a Chinese/ English chat room and asking someone to help you. Now it will be tricky but you can find it! Chat Rooms: Online International Chatrooms

Or just wait a while and one Agency or another will get in touch.

I’m not sure if you’re serious about thinking it odd, but it’s perfectly normal to count in multiples of 10^4 in Chinese rather than multiples of 10^3.

Of course, that sometimes leads to odd conversations with my Chinese friends. “There’s a new movie out that cost $10 billion to make! No wait, $10 million. No wait…”