HELP!! Trojans!

I’ve got a program running on start-up that I cannot turn off. It is listed as pcapvjj and is a trojan but I have no idea what program it is running. I’ve done all kinds of research and even went to processess and turned all the extra programs off, to no avail. When I go to the .dll file and .exe file it tells me that I cannot delete because the program is being used; I also went to the registry and cannot delete from there. I went to dos mode and the darn thing wouldn’t budge. I turn it off daily on the start-up menu but it restarts itself anyway.

If anyone has any idea what program this is and/or how to get rid of it could you please let me know? The trojans are taking over my computer.



  1. Go to and run the online virus scan. That will tell you if it’s a virus or not. It will also clean it.

  2. If nothing is found, go here and download Spybot. Install it, update it, and have it scan for spyware. Fix anything it finds.

  3. If the problem still occurs, go to and download and run hijackthis. Save the log it creates, then go to and post it on their message board. You will get directions on how to clean the problem.

Same for Ad-aware but reboot your 'puter into safe mode before using them (press F5 when booting up). That will prevent any problem files from being loaded, thus making them easier to get rid of.

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This usually helps in removing stubborn malware (in Windows):

Click Start>run and type MSCONFIG then press enter
Go to the Startup and Services tabs and uncheck anything that looks dodgy
Also check in Start>Programs>Startup

Restart the machine, but when you see the windows logo screen, hold down <shift> and keep it held down until you’re right into Windows and the hourglass is gone for good.

In many cases, it will now be possible to delete the offending program.

I tried the scanner but ran out of time so will have to get back to that one; it’s a good one, thank-you, Chuck. All the ideas were great but what ultimately did it was shutting it down in processes and then deleting it. I did that once before but must’ve left a program file behind because it kept itself running. This time I got everything and the little booger is gone. (Or should I say BIG BOOGER??!!)

I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t done another reboot so it wasn’t showing up in processes and wasn’t running but it was still there and I couldn’t get rid of the darn thing. I did have it off in processes but somehow it wouldn’t let me delete. After the reboot it started back up and I was able to shut it down in processes and ultimately chew it up and spit it out.


Appreciate all the time and effort,