Help us find employment in another country

My wife and I would like to move to another country for a few years. We have 2 children who would obviously come with us. We really want to have a complete cultural immersion as a family. Currently we live in the USA.

We are thinking we will go in about 3 years and plan to stay 2 years. My wife will be an Registered Nurse and I will be a Radiology Technician (we’re both in school now). I think these will be reasonably marketable skills, or at least as marketable as anything else.

We have spent a significant amount of time in Central America in the past. For this we are thinking Europe or Africa. This is going to take some planning and research, so that is why I am coming to you guys.

How would we find out what countries would be open to hiring medical personel that are immigrants? I know employment is rough in much of the world, so this would be a hurdle.

Any other words of wisdom, insights, or advice is appreciated!

For those professions, you should have enough points to immigrate to Australia easily. Jobs are pretty plentiful here, and the GFC barely touched us.

Particularly if you were willing to live in rural or regional Australia, you’d have no trouble immigrating or working, IMO.

Start here:

Look into civilian postings to military bases overseas. I don’t know how the US does it, but my mom is a teacher, and we ended up living on a base in Germany for 3 years in the 90’s while she worked in the schools where the military kids went. The other civilians on base tended to be families of medical professionals at the base hospital.

United Nations postingsmight also be an option - my family almost opted for another 2 years at SHAPE in Belgium.

Do you speak any other languages? That would surely help.