Help with a gift - interview questions

Some of you know that I am about to move to another province with my teen. As you can imagine, she is upset at having to leave her friends. To help create something she can take with her, I am putting together a gift, and I am looking for ideas on “interview” questions to help her friends give me quotes and stories. Any thoughts? Here’s what I have:

[li]How did you guys meet? [/li][li]What was the first thing you noticed about her? [/li][li]When was the last time you guys laughed uncontrollably?[/li][li]What is your favorite thing about her? Why?[/li][li]What is something you wish she knew about herself?[/li][li]What is the most thoughtful thing you have seen her do?[/li][li]What will you miss most about her? [/li][/ol]

What do you see [teen] doing in 20 years?