Help with a Hebrew transliteration

OK, many years ago my gal was given a t-shirt by her sister, who had just spent some time in Israel. It was a Coca-Cola t-shirt (hey, you gotta take what you can get). Anyway. . .

I did my best at trying to transliterate it, and ended up puzzled. I have absolutely no background in Hebrew, but I can read an alphabet table and transliterate. I’m assuming that the sort of “backward C’s” are stylized kaphs. OK. Are some of the other marks the nikkudim? I was expecting to see four consonants, but it looks like more. Is the weird “J” looking character a stylized lamed?

This is obviously not the t-shirt, but the writing is exactly the same. Are some of the markings just decorative flourishes?

From right to left it is:
koof-vav-koof-hay (dash) koof-vav-lamed-hay

coca - cola

There are no n’koodot. Those would be the dots that would tell you how to pronounce the letters, but the can doesn’t have any.

I think the problem is that the label is using the cursive or script font, and your “alphabet table” is using the regular printed characters.

The “backward C"s”, together with the vertical line inside them make up the letter “kuf” (equivalent to the English K or Q) near the end of the alphabeth, not the “kaf” which is near the middle of the alphabet and has virtually the same sound. The fancy swirls at the bottom of those vertical lines is purely stylistic, and (IMHO) succeeds in its attempt to make the logo look like other Coke logos in other languages.

And yes, the “J” with the long head off the the right is a “lamed”.

Aha! Many thanks!