Help with a new Dart Board! How do I affix it to a concrete wall?

Okay! I left work early today…[I know, I know shame on me] but there was a very important reason I left early. My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend and she bought me a brand new imported Dart Board (amongst other things :wink: )…Straight from friends in the UK. It was shipped to my office along with a case of Guiness! Isn’t she sweet!

So now I’m home laying our her haul of presents on the bed and I want to put my new dart board up! The only place to put it is in the finished basement. Where the bar is of course!


Do I need a special Drill bit to drill into concrete?

What kind of screw do I drill into it with? And do I have to do anything special to the screw i.e. put a gromet in the hole first?

I’m thinking I shoudl put the dart board on a peice of wood first and affix that onto the wall…but I’m not sure how? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

There are concrete nails that will do the job. However, you would be much better off creating that “piece of wood” backboard for your dart enjoyment. Stray missiles will suffer severe blunting from any interaction with your concrete backstop.

You will want a concrete drill bit and some hammer-in threaded inserts. This will permit you to bolt the entire back board to the wall. Drill the plywood first and then transfer that pattern onto the wall (after making sure the wood is plumb and level). Drill out the transfered hole pattern and whump in the inserts.

Budda boom, budda bing.

Thank you very much Sir! I’ll go down to the store and grab a concrete drill bit and some inserts!! Actually the board is in a nice Oak cabinet. So I’ll be affixing that to the board, then to the wall.

Sounds good to me. Get the removeable anchors if you can. If you ever change your mind about the location, height, etc, you can remove the anchors easily but still maintain a very rigid installation. Tap-cons work well for this, or any type of threaded anchor or anchor insert combo.

Masonary drill bit, forget the anchors, just hammer a plain wooden plug in, cut it flush to the wall and use a regular screw to attach the dart board, but like it has been pointed out, you are gonna mess your dart tips up.