Help with Amazon issue?

Here’s the problem: I’m using Chrome and Windows on my laptop. Today I went to Amazon to look at a product. When I click on the product, it takes me to a page that only displays information starting with “Frequently bought together” down through the product reviews. In other words, I can’t see the product I’m trying to buy, nor can I purchase it. If I use Edge, it works fine, so it seems like a Chrome glitch. I’ve dumped the cache and cookies, rebooted the computer, logged out, logged back in. Nothing fixes the problem. Any ideas?

What’s the URL of the product page that’s broken? Or is it every product page?

Have you tried disabling all your extensions?

It’s all products. Anything I look up: for example “toaster”. Click on that and I get a selection of toasters. Click on one of those and I get the page described in my first post. It does it for any random product. This never happened before today. I also disabled the ad blockers for amazon.

How do I disable extensions?

To disable extensions go to chrome://extensions/ (type that in the address bar, or click here maybe). Every card represents an extension, and the ones that are on will have a blue “on” switch on the bottom right of the card. Click that to turn it white/off.

Turn them all off, then go to Amazon. See if the pages are ok. If they are, you can turn extensions on one at a time to figure out which one is messing up the page.

Didn’t fix the problem. :frowning:

Try Incognito mode?

Is Javascript disabled? Just a wild guess and probably irrelevant since I just tried disabling Javascript and while it fcked up the Amazon page, it didn’t produce the effect that you describe.

I’ll suggest the next thing that I would try. I would go to the problematic page, open the page source (ctrl-U) and search for some text that appears in the missing product description, like “answered questions”. If you don’t see this, then for some reason Amazon is not sending the information to your browser. If you do see it, then your browser is getting the information but for some reason is not displaying it. That doesn’t solve the problem but it might rule out some possibilities.

That worked! But I’ve still got the problem with regular mode.


You might try resetting Chrome to default settings now.

That seems to have cured the problem. Thanks.