Help with baseball card collection

I just recently scored a huge lot of brand new, still heremetically sealed baseball cards by Upper Deck. $5 for 90 cards.

Most of the players/series seems to be in the mid to late 80’s to early 90’s.
Can someone point to a source for me on line to determine the value of cards? I am going to sell whatever I can on Ebay.
Thanks .

Write me. I might want to take them off your hands.

Though, as I recall, the first UD series was 1989 or 1990. So I doubt it would be earlier.

I don’t know of anything on line, but a newsstand or card shop should have a current issue of Tuff Stuff or Beckett’s. They will be pretty helpful in giving you an idea what individual cards are going for, and if you’re new to collecting, some of the articles and prices of other cards may convince you to take up the hobby.

They are 1990, at least that is what the shiny little hologrammie thingie tells me.

I always listen to the holograms. :slight_smile:

Email will be coming your way, JC

I use

I checked Beckett at the store today. A full, factory sealed set of 1990 goes for from $25-$60.

I replied and await.