Help with clothes dryer maintenence

I have a Whirlpool clothes dryer, the belt that turns the tumbler has broken. I have found a new belt, but have no idea how to put it on.

Can anyone with experience in this help out or give me a cite?

Check the back of the unit for instructions. They may be on the inside of the access cover.
Once you have the cover off (with unit unplugged, of course) you should be able to see how the belt goes on. You should be able to just loosen the motor with the pulley on it to get enough slack to get the new belt on. Or the unit may have a self adjusting tension mechanism that can be loosened to install the new belt.
Type the model number into a google search and check for belt installation instructions.

Last time I tried fixing my washing machine, I got really agitated.


Here is a page that shows the belt & pulley relationship for many dryers:

My Frigidare laundry center was a piece o’cake to replace the belt. Where are you getting stuck? Have you at least got the cover off?

I have the top off, have the old belt off (not hard since it was broken). I am looking at the tumbler (is that what it is called) and can’t figure out how to get the belt on… I think I need to take the front (or back) off instead of the top, but I’m not sure. I replaced the heater element a couple of months ago, and took the back off for that, and I don’t recall seeing then how the belt goes on.

Thanks for the links though, they have already helped a great deal