Help with computer? Hard drive file transfer problems...

My laptop crashed last week, similar to the problems Frylock describes in this post. I have not had any luck repairing XP, so I now have a universal hard drive adapter and am trying to move all of my files from my hard drive to another computer. The first few folders I tried copied with no problem. However, when I go to the c:\Documents and Settings\BetsQ folder, it tells me that the folder is empty. I’m pretty sure this is the folder that has My Documents in it, no? I should have a giant pile of stuff in there. So, does anyone happen to have a good guess as to whether my files are there, but somehow hiding from me, or my files got eaten by the virus or whatever that killed Windows in the first place? And if it’s the first, any thoughts on how to find them?

Thanks for any help. I’d really like to find those files.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents is the path for the Administrator. I give this for your verification of where to find it. If you know the name of one of the files, try a search of that hard drive. It’s all I can do for you.

Is it possible that your hard drive was partitioned into C:\ and D:? That is, you had Windows and programs on one drive, and data on the other?

If that’s not the case, look in every folder under c:\docs and settings. There’s prboaly one for Administrator, one for All users, and one for every person who’s ever logged in. Look in each of those folders.