Help With Computer Prank

Need help with a prank here guys. I am putting a small harmless file on one of my co-workers computer that whenever he clicks on the icon it will open his CD-ROM tray. You can modify the target line to also launch a legit program on the machine. Basically I want to screw with his Explorer icon so that when he clicks on it it will open the tray and launch IE. I’ve gotten rid of his big blue E from his desktop through Explorer’s options and have been able to modify the prank program icon so that it looks like the big blue E for IE but it still has the small arrow in the bottom left hand corner indicating it is a shortcut. I think he will be able to spot that right away after the first time and realize what is happening. Any simple way to remove that small arrow? Thank in advance for the help.

You can remove the arrows for shortcuts using Windows Tweak UI. You will have to download it and install it. Its a little different in XP than previous versions for 98. Look under the Explorer Tab for the checkbox. It removes all the Shortcut arrows on the desktop though.Download it here