Help with crab-grass

I need something that will kill isolated patches of crabgrass (intermingled with good grass), but wont leave the area so I cant seed in about a month.

I’ve tried triamenic (sp?) but it doesnt work worth a crap. I assume round up will kil everything in the direct vecinity. I realise it will die this winter, but I want to seed this fall.

selfish bump.

If you use Roundup, you can spray it directly down the shaft and kill the root. From another thread (sorry, don’t remember) Roundup will not stay in the soil, and you will be able to re-seed. Or, you could just pop the few pieces out by the roots if there are not that many.

Crabgrass is an annual, so the plant dies completely in the fall, growing from seed in the spring. You need to spread a pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring. This year’s seeds from your crabgrass and your upwind neighbor’s crabgrass will grow into your crabgrass next spring.

Kill crabgrass in the early spring, and kill broadleaf weeds in the fall, when the weeds are willing to draw the herbicide down into the roots. HaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The roots! Die, you yella-flowered flagsnagger! ::pounds the earth:: Hurrrrrhh.


If you ask my dad, the only tools you need for crabgrass control are:

Good knees

That’s right, he just gets out in the lawn on his hands and knees, and pulls the buggers up by the root. Crazy? Perhaps, but his lawn is crabgrass free!

It is safe to seed or sod twentyfour hours after using Roundup, but I would suggest pulling out the dead crabgrass anyway.

Here in the deep south, many times the culprit is bugs. Crabgrass thrives where bugs and disease thrive. Drought also is an issue.

In your climate, winter rye may help in keeping the crabgrass from gaining an early foothold.

Good luck!