Help with graphics program

I have recently aquired a very nice new toy - a stylus and pad for my computer. I’ve been interested in graphic design for some time, and know a fair bit about composition, etc., in art and photography. But, I don’t really know how to transfer that knowledge over to a graphics program. For some reason I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult, but now that I look at the program I have I have no idea where to start.

BTW, the program I got with my stylus was ProCreate Painter Classic - which I understand is the new name for Corel. Anyone have experience with this? Any recommendations?

Any words of advice would be appreciated.

This is what I gathered from a friend of mine who is a digital artist. I once asked him everything about using a stylus when he first got it…let me tell you what he said.

First, try using the pencil tool to sketch some stuff. Second, try to accustom to how pressures affect the stylus. My friend said it will take some time. Third, learn the nuances of the program (which may mean enrolling into a course or picking up a book) so that you will able to colour your picture, unless you are okay with it in B&W.

Just my 2 cent

The tools can be bewildering, especially in Corel. I would suggest saving yourself some time and frustration by buying an intro book on the program. Go to an actual bookstore and test-drive a few to see what works for you.

I’ve found the Visual Quickstart Guide series to be affordable and effective, but occasionally I need some more artistic inspiration so I’ll pick up a Wow! series book, which include examples from talented graphic artists.

Both series are from the same publisher (Peachpit Press). Looking quickly at their website, I don’t see a VQG for Painter but there appears to be a Wow! book.