Help with interpreting two Far Side comics!

  1. Woman is having a seance with another middle-aged woman (beehive 'do, of course), caption reads in part “Bootsy! We are calling you from the world of the living!..Are you there, Bootsy? Give us a sign, Bootsy!” There is a parrot or parakeet in a cage nearby, but otherwise nothing notable. Any guesses?

  2. Several Indians (Native Americans) on horses outside fort. Three soldiers inside fort yell to Indians, “Hey! What’s the matter?..There’s only three of us here! C’mon!..It’s gonna get darrrrrrk soon!” Besides the 3 soldiers is a big round object, possibly a setting sun, a rising moon, or big balloon? which is made up to be a soldier’s face with a big, menacing frown and a Cavalry-style hat.

I can scan images, but need instructions on how to get images to be “viewable” on this board. Hoping someone has already seen them and “gets it”.

You have to post the images elsewhere and put a link in your thread. We don’t have any way to post images directly on the SDMB.

Welcome to the SDMB, mostbizarrefarside. Since you already posted your question in another thread, I’m going to close this one.

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