Help with iTunes

Ok about two weeks ago my computer died. Specifically windows. But I have a fresh install of windows on a new HD and I have most of my programs back on except for iTunes.

I’ve been putting this off because every time I reinstall iTunes I double my music library. It searches my drives for my music and them copies it all. It will also probably give me a hard time about music that I have that I didn’t purchase through iTunes. (most of my music library)

And tips or hints at what to do from the start to avoid these problems?

It is possible to install iTunes and import your music in two ways. The default is with iTunes organising your files and copying files to the iTunes Media folder when adding to the library. That is set in the preferences under Advanced tab.

If you leave those two choices checked, then your library will double in size, because the existing files get left where they are and a copy is made in the iTunes folder. If you are only going to use iTunes for organising your music, then go ahead and import the files and then remove them from the old locations when iTunes has done its import. They’ll all be in the iTunes music folder and the space used will be the same. As far as I know, it won’t even bother you about music you didn’t buy through the iTunes store. Any that you did get that way, will be restored once you reconnect your account. If you weren’t able to deauthorise the old computer, then it will be still one of the five devices that you are able to have authorised on the store. If it was the only one, you can just blow it away from your Apple ID account. See this Apple KB article. If you have problems with that, then contact the iTunes Store support as shown at the end of the article.

If you don’t want iTunes to organise your library, uncheck the options. The files will still stay where they are and iTunes will use those files and not create its own copies.

Hope this helps.