Help with my resume... Real easy.. What do you call the section for....

So I am putting in a resume for a job… My “extracurricular” activities actually would help sell me for this job… but I have suffered a major brain malfunction and cannot think of what the regular way to denote that section is… I have EMPLOYMENT and EDUCATION… what do you call that section for stuff that is neither?


I’ve seen “Other Interests” or “Recreational Activities” used.

I would call it something like “Relevant Outside Activities” or “Relevant Outside Interests” and include only those things that you are sure will help you get the job. Unrelated interests or anything like it should never be on a resume. I have sat through many resume screening groups and unrelated things on your resume just open it up to sarcastic comments.

I totally agree with Shagnasty extracurriculars had better be extremely relevant. In many cases those resumes would not just be mocked but removed from consideration. People who do that are often looking for an “in” that has nothing to do with their abilities.

I think “Other Relevant Experience” would be fine.

Plus be sure to mention your extracurricular qualifications in your cover letter, preferably in the first paragraph.

Maybe it depends on the company. I’ve heard people referring to candidates by their interests (“the saxophone player,” “the beekeeper,” and so on) because they’re often the things that distinguish the candidates from one another and make them interesting.

That said, you don’t want any that look odd or too huge a list, and relevant ones are much better. For what it’s worth, I always call them “Avocational Activities” on resumes.

I don’t know. I rarely look at the cover letter in detail, assuming the resume is in line with the job requirements. If it is out of whack, then I would read the letter wondering where they are coming from. But otherwise, it just is going to be a rehashing of the resume.