Help with NFL trivia question

(Let me say first that I have absolutely nothing to gain by finding the answer to this, in case that would be a violation of the rules or anything. I really don’t.)

Last night on the national radio broadcast of the Giants/Cowboys game, the trivia question was, “Eli Manning and David Carr–both NY Giants–are the second duo of quarterbacks drafted with the number one pick overall to play for the same team; for whom else did this happen?” It was an interesting question, and I didn’t even realize David Carr was still alive. This is a tricky one to google–does anyone know who the other duo was?

My only thought is maybe if Bledsoe and Testeverde were on the roster for the Cowboys at the same time. If it did happen, it would have been a very short time.

Looking it up nope, but It looks like Carr and Testeverde were on the Panthers together

If you google the list of past #1 Draft picks, there’s like 20 QBs, after a little deduction and player lookups, Wolfman has it.

Terry Baker and Roman Gabriel? Both No. 1 overall picks and teammates on the L.A. Rams.

If this list is accurate, Roman Gabriel was NOT a #1 overall draft pick.

Yeah, it was just last year that the milestone was first reached.