Help with PhotoRec.

I am trying to use PhotoRec 6.12-WIP Data Recovery Utility to recover files from an accidentally quick formatted external drive. I am trying to follow the instructions here:

I get stuck at the PhotoRec screen that says: Do you want to save recovered files in C:\Documents and Settings\ect. I want to save the recovered files to another external drive (no room on C) but I can’t figure out how to navigate to it. The PhotoRec screen says: To select another directory, use the arrow keys. But I don’t want another directory on C Drive, I want another drive.

Can anyone who has successfully used the program give me some step-by-step help with this?


I had trouble when I used Photo Recovery; it couldn’t open the memory card. I had better luck with MjM Free Photo Recovery, PC Inspector, and Recuva. All are free. Maybe one of these will be easier to navigate to you external drive. Or, you could temporarily move some computer files over to the external drive to open up some space.

on the link you posted, it says:

Thanks for the response. Those instructions did not work for me. When I followed them, the program created a line that read: “Directory listing in progress…” and then nothing else happened.

I was able to solve my problem by moving the PhotoRec application and its folder to another empty drive. My theory was that PhotoRec wanted to save the material it recovered from the quick formatted drive to the drive it (PhotoRec) resided on, but not necessarily C Drive. This proved to be correct.