Help with Punjabi (?) writing

I wonder whether anybody can tell me what this writing says. It appears to be Punjabi.

sach meḍ pī hajūr sāhib jī

Sach means ‘true’ or ‘truth’.
Meḍ is a transliteration of the English word ‘made’.
P. Hazoor Sahib Ji would be somebody’s name, I guess.

Either that, or the leftmost word on the second line might be “Sri.” Hard to tell because it’s a little blurry there. But Sri Hazoor Sahib Ji would clearly be a Sikh name. The alphabet it’s written in is called Gurmukhi; see for yourself.

OK, sorry, I misread that. Please disregard my first post. I rechecked it and it actually says “Sachkhanḍ Sri Hazur Sahib Ji” which is the name of a Sikh shrine. Sachkhanḍ means ‘realm of truth’. Sri, Hazur, Sahib, and Ji are all honorifics.

Thanks! That makes sense; the item is the sheath of a kirpan.