What does Babe Ke mean? (Hindi?)

There’s a large property on the way to the freeway (also on the way from the freeway :wink: ) with a sign that says ‘BABE KE’, with some script under it. On the rare occasion I see a car entering or exiting the long ‘driveway’, the male occupants are wearing turbans; so I assume it’s a Sikh place. The script looks Korean at first glance, but having seen some of the occupants and looking at the script more closely, it appears to be a different alphabet.
[ul][li]What does Babe Ke mean?[/li]What does ‘Babe Ke’ look like in its native spelling?[/ul]

If it’s got something to with Sikhism, then the language would be Panjabi, written in the Gurmukhi script.

“Babe Ke” would look like this in Gurmukhi

ਬਾਥੇ ਕੇ

I don’t know Panjabi, so I couldn’t say what it means.

It’s a Sikh religious site, most like a Gurdwara.

The script is likely Punjabi.

Is this the place you’re talking about? http://www.akama.com/company/Babe_Ke_ae2901783874.html

Yes, that’s what it looks like. Thanks.

Yes. Here it is in Google.

"There is a hymn in the Bichitar Natak which runs in the original as:

‘Babe ke Babar ke Dou, ap kare Parmesar sou,
Deen sah in ko pehchano; duni pat un kao anmano.’

This hymn has been rendered by Macauliffe as:

‘The successors of both Baba Nanak and Babar
Were created by God Himself. . . .’"

I found this online in a .pdf file a book on Skihs. I can’t vouch for the accuracy, but based on this I’d say “Baba Ke” is “Successors of Baba [Nanak].”