Help with Skype and my MacBook, please

About a month ago, the Skype caller couldn’t hear my voice. I did a restart and all was good.

On Monday, I had a normal call, everything okay. Well, Mondays are my daughter’s Skype night date. She couldn’t hear me. Video is okay. Two restarts, a shut down and nothing. In between the two calls, nothing changed on the MacBook. It wasn’t shut down.

Skype test call doesn’t hear me. I checked Mac audio and Skype audio settings. Everything okay. I have the latest version of Skype. Mac is OS X Yosemite, 10.10.5. Maybe it is time to download the latest OS?

I have asked Apple Community for help and have not heard from them.

Skype works fine with the iPad.

Would appreciate any ideas to solve this problem. I don’t know where to turn, except to you folks. Thank you for your help.

From the web:

Thank you beowulf!

The journey took me down places I have never visited on the Mac. And best of all, it worked!

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I learned a great deal. And, now I can Skype with my daughter!