Help with weird Macintosh microphone volume control

I’m trying to use Yahoo Messenger on the Macintosh to make Yahoo-to-Yahoo phone calls. My question specifically has to do with this - I know there are probably other applications that would allow this, but for now, I’m trying to specifically get Yahoo Messenger working and am not interested in hearing how great Skype or Google Talk or whatever does this (that will come later if I can’t get this working, but will involve getting the people on the other end to also install the new software, and that’s a pain, so for now let’s see if we can get Yahoo working)

I have a USB microphone I have plugged into the Mac. Works fine, with the exception that when Yahoo Messenger starts a phone conversation, it turns the microphone volume down to 0. That makes it rather difficult to actually be heard in the phone call. It’s gotta be some sort of weird bug in Yahoo Messenger.

If I manually open up System Preferences and turn the microphone back up, everything is fine. I just can’t get it to STAY up - Yahoo insists on turning it down.

So my questions are:

1 - anyone got any great ideas as far as whipping Yahoo into playing nice? I don’t see anything in any of the menus that tells it not to adjust the microphone volume.

2 - barring that, is there an easier way to turn up the microphone than opening up system preferences, choosing sound, then turning it up? I’m looking for a way to quickly turn up the volume when a call comes in. You can put the volume control for the speakers on the menu bar, but not the microphone.

If I could drag the “Sound” icon out of preferences and put it on the desktop, that would be acceptable. Or a third-party “turn microphone sound up” app would be fine too.

I’m not a Mac person, thus this post - I’m hoping someone will have some ideas/solutions that haven’t occurred to me.

You can create an alias to the Sound Preference pane and put it wherever you want. Just hold the Command + Option keys down when you drag it to the location you want. The preference pane is located in:

Also, you could probably write a quick Applescript to set the volume to whatever you want with a click.

Perfect! That’s exactly what I was looking for (barring a fix to Yahoo itself). I’ll look into the Applescript thingy.