Mac Technical Question

This seems like a simple question: is there a way to do voice chat (i.e. Internet phone) over the internet for users on different platforms? Specifically, I’m runing Mac OS X 10.2 and my chat partner is running a PC (version unknown, Windows presumed; probably whatever was most recent).
I wanted to do Yahoo Chat, but the voice chat seems to be only working with the Windows version. No luck with AIM either. Suggestions?

(Also, there doesn’t seem to be any way that I can tell to create an audio file–equivalent to a .wav file–on Mac. It’s only been about a month since we made the switch from PC to Mac so…)


Unfortunately, Yahoo has no plans to support voice chat for Mac users, even though the interest is there.

If anyone else has any ideas how to accomplish this, I would be interested to know, myself. (I’m also running Mac OS 10.2.1.)

NetFone maybe? I haven’t tried it, just looked it up through versiontracker.

You might also try They are very helpful over there. They have techs right on site that might know also.