Helping pay for the SDMB: How much do you spend for books, CDs and DVDs each month?

I’m taking a poll (entirely on my own initiative) to help estimate how much the Reader might make if it became an affiliate of an on-line bookstore to help pay the costs of the SDMB. Please note that the Reader, as far as I know, doesn’t have any actual plans of doing anything like this . . . yet.

Anyway, please answer the following questions,

  1. How much, on average, do you spend per month on CDs, DVDs and books?

  2. Would you be willing to make these purchases on-line through a link on the SDMB if it would help pay for the board?

  3. Purely for, ahh, “verification purposes,” John Ashcroft has asked us to collect your credit card number, expiration date and that little number on the back of the card printed on the signature line. Remember, security is everyone’s business!

Mods – I really wanted to post this in Cafe Society where I thought it would get a better response (since it’s about books, etc.) But since it is sort of a poll, I put it here. Please move it if you feel it’s approriate.

I spend nothing on books or CDs, much as I’d like to - I’m out of work due to illness.

1.) Probably around $60-75.

2.) Sure, whenever they start taking AMEX - no PayPal or MC/Visa for me.

3.) Ahh, yeah, uh, OK, Bush, G. W., 1111-222222-33334, expires Jan. '09.

  1. Tons. I don’t really have a figure. It’s a lot, though.
  2. Sure.
  3. Blow me.


  1. A very rough estimate - £60 ($115)

(It varies from 0 to 100)

  1. Yes.

(But then I’d be willing to pay a subscription charge to the SDMB anyway)

  1. ?


What’s with this ten character minimum post size anyway?

I’m all for it, expecially after I realized that I spent $1300 last year at Amazon.