Hem and oldies; recommendations?

Between Hem’s new (and underrated) album, Eveningland, and hearing Russ Columbo sing Guilty on the Amélie soundtrack, and Joni Mitchell doing her lush orchestral Both Sides Now album, I realize I am growing fond of a certain genre of music which may be (poorly) termed traditional American music, one that harks back to musical styles of the 1940s and earlier, such as swing.

If we ignore the original, scratchy recordings and the Robbie Williams-type pseudo-earnest swing revival cheese aside, which contemporary artists are currently doing this thing? I didn’t catch the retro swing movement when it happened in the nineties, so I’m not familiar with any artists bside the Squirrel Nut Zippers, which are pretty good.

Above all I’m interested in contemporary, or semi-contemporary, renditions of actual pre-1950 compositions by the likes of Copeland. To narrow it down a bit, I’m not fan of show tunes, which would rule out, say, Sinatra. On the other hand, I like my orchestral arrangements lush, sultry and warm, but not saccharine.