I recently began training for a half-marathon (Garry Bjorklund in Duluth, MN for those who care). Dang it! I was getting into a decent rhythm with my running program and I hurt myself.

El Hubbo and I went away for the weekend; Thursday night we dropped our dog off at a friend’s. I ran up to the house with our dog, tripped over a piece of the sidewalk and fell forward onto her concrete steps. I broke my fall with my hands, which probably saved me from a break, but my right thigh SLAMMED into the corner of one of the steps. INCREDIBLE pain. Saw the urgent care doc yesterday - had x-rays, the whole bit. He said it’s a hematoma that will need time to resorb; at least three weeks with no running. He said I can run when it doesn’t hurt anymore.

::sniff:: No fair!

Any Dopers with advice for hematoma healing?

If I’m understanding you correctly, you impacted the fleshy part of your thigh with the concrete corner of a stair? Umm there isn’t really anything you can do.

Something similar happened to a friend of mine played broomball (think hockey w/o skates). He slammed into the boards, but not quite his stick got wedged in place infront of him so the handle basically speared his thigh. We were suprised he didn’t go into shock from internal bleeding. It took him about 5 days to regain his normal colour and another 2 months before he healed.

There really isn’t anything to do to speed up the injury. Try ice packs and warm packs try to get the bruise down faster. But you really need to avoid running until it heals.

No advice, but sympathy! I ended up with a lovely one myself once, after trying to give blood. I’m not precisely sure what happened (the blood guy said my veins were too small because it was hot out; a nurse some months later at a different drive said that was total crap…), but I ended up with this incredible array of black & blue (oh, and pain!) all over the inner bend of my elbow. Went through the whole bruise rainbow before it faded weeks later.

My brother kept telling people it was where my pimp had grabbed me. I also caught people on the subway staring at it; I assume they thought it was the remnants of track marks or something. I should have hit them up for change…

What you’ve got there, buddy, is a bruise. Use a fancy name like “hematoma” if you want, but it’s still just a bruise.

I can’t imagine it taking three weeks to stop hurting, or at least to stop hurting enough for you to run. I’m a hasher; I run with bruises all the time. That’s why God created ibuprofen.

Fiver, normally when they call it a hematoma you did serious damage. If its serious enoungh for the doctor to stay off it for a month+ then its more than just a bruise.

Ask at your local Health food shop for some homeopathic ARNICA (in a cream if you can get it). That stuff is great for anything that hurts, swells, or bruises. Trust me.

Be VERY careful with the Arnica cream though. Test it on a small bit of skin first, because some people can have extreme allergies to it. My ‘Everythng Alternative is SAFE’ sister developed a huge crop of painful pustules after applying Arnica to her knee, and they took MONTHS to go away. By then she’d completely forgotten the original malady.