Hematoma! Partie Deux: The Lump

So three weeks ago I fell and bruised the CRAP out of my right thigh. The urgent care MD pronounced it a hematoma and told me the bruising would go through multiple color stages, grow large and descend my leg over the next few months. He also advised me not to run for three weeks.


The good news is that I’ve been icing it regularly (even at work) and the bruising disappeared last week. All I have left is a lump that’s about an inch wide and three inches long. The three inch side is parallel with the ground. It doesn’t hurt when I walk or stretch my thigh or put even pressure on the lump. It does hurt if I poke it or accidentally bump it against something.

Anybody know what the Hell this lump is? Will a continuance of icing help?

Bumpin’ the lump to thump a chump who won’t be stumped but might be in the dumps or perhaps a slump.

C’mon you Doper medical professionals, amateurs and quacks! Gimme sumpin’!

Several years ago, I tripped (going up) (carpeted) stairs at work. Ended up with the mother of all bruises. It was the size of a grapefruit (and one of those really big ones, 3 for buck kind). Very colorful, I used it as an acessory (hmmm, it’s kind of purple today, yep, let’s go w/the purple dress).

It got infected, etc.

To this day, I have a lump right where the bruise was. I was told that it was scar tissue.
Of course, IANAD.

Based on my personal experience with large bruises, I often tell people to not ignore them, to seek medical attention, especially if they become warm to the touch. So, I’d suggest calling the doctor that actually saw the injury in the first place. Sorry.

Crapola. It’s warm.

Just before reading your response, wring, I made an appointment with internal medicine for Monday. If it’s an infection, I’m thinking urgent care. You?

Sheeyite. I bet I’m gonna have a long pointy needle in my thigh pretty soon.

Long pointy needles hurt.

This really sucks.

Again, I can only relate my experience, which was as soon as they heard that it was warm to the touch, I was told to call my DR, or report to the ER.

OTOH - no, there were no needles.

[aliens]Sounds like it is about to hatch.[/aliens]

I tore both my adductor muscles years ago playing football (think: doing the splits sideways). The bruising showed up in a day or two. I never knew that bruises traveled before. They also went through various color schemes along the way as they moved down my inner thighs.

It’s probably too late for RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), so I don’t really have any advice for you. Anyway, I hope you’re OK soon.