Kythereia fall down, go boom?

It’s a gorgeous day out and I’m walking to work, passing by the local bank on my way there, when the road suddenly becomes very icy and wet and slippery.

I, of course, am whistling happily and being cheerful and beaming, and so I go WHUMP–flying backwards, feet in the air, arse on the ground, bag halfway to the curb. Owwww. Nothing appears broken and I’m not dead, so I curse and get up and stumble to work with soggy pants and a sore bottom.

BUT (really, this does have a point) ever since I’ve had a sharp pain in the back of my left thigh, where I impacted the most, when I try to flex my leg, in walking or running or whatever. I highly doubt anything’s broken or pulled–if so, I’d probably be in the hospital screaming at the poor doctors in agony. But it still hurts like hell.

Any Dopers got any ideas?

A hot bath with lots o Epsom Salts in?

Soak til you’re content. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a butt bruise to me. Serves you right for being so damn chipper on Monday morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m always chipper. :stuck_out_tongue:

So what do I do for this… er, butt bruise?

(Bosda, that does indeed sound like a plan…)

Silly girl, all bruises need to be kissed.

:::smooches the boo-boo:::

indecisive, I love the way you think. C’mere smooches

[Hijack] Bosda, you may star in an Icelandic Saga, but I’m living one.[/HJ]

I have nothing to add.

Damn it. That was *my *idea.

Pft. Mortal.

Okay, heres what I want you to do.

Move close to a window (where its bright).
Prop your left leg onto the table. Look at the thigh (best you get undressed for this :wink: ) for any swelling or discoloration.
Then start running your hands up and down your thighs and slowly massage them while feeling for the source of pain. Work from your knee up.

As you move up and to the right, use one hand to play with your breast.
My, my, what a compromising position we seem to have found ourselves in. :smiley:

I just thought it would be interesting. :cool:



Dangit, this is what I get for taking yesterday off. Two people beat me to the offer of a boo-boo kiss. Ah, well. I’ll offer anyhoo, as you can never have enough kisses. :smiley:

The hot bath sounds like the best approach to me (apart from said kisses, of course). Do you have a health club membership? A soak in the club’s jacuzzi might be just the ticket. Just be sure not to have the jets shooting directly at the bruised bits.

There can* never* be too many kisses! :wink: hot smooches to Aesiron, Keapon, and mrklutz

Now that all that butt-kissing has been arranged, please tell us:

  1. does your butt feel better?
  2. How about the rest of you?
  3. Did you really go boom? I thought I heard something.

Dang sneaky road! You really gotta watch out for them…they’ll turn on you.
I’m sorry you hurt your hiney, Kythereia.
I hope it’s doing better. :slight_smile: