Hemp's illegal?!

i was bored earlier and decided to read about hemp some. it seems that hemp is illegal in the US because it is the same family as marijuana.

if this is true, i’m in trouble. i have a big bag of hemp thread and a bunch of ropes i’ve made.


It’s illegal to grow hemp in the US. It can be imported legally.

ohhh, ok.


Yeah, it’s legal to import hemp. I’ve got a hemp hat with the Beatles logo on it.

If it were illegal to import, many hackey-sack companies would have a problem.

Websters describes hemp as: def2.
2 : a fiber (as jute) from a plant other than the true hemp; also : a plant yielding such fiber.

Hemp is a name for male Cannabis plants. Only females produce THC beyond trace amounts and thus males are only valuable for their fiber content.

I knew that.

And opening jars.

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Have there been some recent legislation changes involving the sale of hemp products (non-drug-related) in California? My wife says that she heard something about on the radio, and ever since, we haven’t been able to find our favorite snack chips at the Whole Foods supermarket (they’re hemp chips and incredibly good as well as low in sodium). Anyone know offhand?