Hendrix-Nine To The Universe

I know this is old, I am also sure there was a thread about it at some point…but I don’t care.

I recently discovered this, and after drinking some tea, concluded that this was possibly one of the best live psychedelic guitar displays by the master ever put on wax.

It’s really good. If you’ve not heard it, or in case you’ve forgotten, it’s fucking brilliant. Fucking God getting in the way of a good guitar solo.


Awesome track.

Coincidentally, these were sent to me today:

And this:

Chris Squire tells of the first black man he ever spoke with.

Honestly I could see this going many ways in modern times. You could do a MASTADOON full on psychedelic metal take. Strip it down and speed it up for a thrash metal kinda vibe. Hell you could turn it up half speed and lay some hip-hop lyrics on top. Good music will always survive

When I clicked on this thread, I was thinking maybe there was a sci-fi story about Hendrix-Nine, a clone of the late guitar legend. :wink:

(Cool song, too!)

A cleaner and longer version of the same track (sans psychedelic graphics):


Great track I’ve never heard before, thank you very much. My favorite rare Hendrix recording has always beenDriving South from the BBC sessions. I first heard it on a LP sampler around 1987 I think called “Radio One” and remember the then biggest German rock magazine describe that track as such: “Compared to that, even the fastest Metal shredder sounds like a three-note-punk.” On the newer two CD edition “BBC Sessions”, there are two alternative versions of Driving South, but they are merely standard fare, whereas on the version I linked to, Hendrix (and the Experience) was truly inspired. It’s magic.

Hendrix’s estate must have his material on serious lockdown. There’a hardly anything unadulterated on YouTube.

Thanx for those links, I’d never heard those cuts. I wandered in the wilds of YouTube tying to find the original version of Pali Gap, from the Rainbow Bridge soundtrack. (one of my favorite songs of all time, of any artist) The estate does seem to have tightened down on his material.
Lots of people doing their own version of that song, all brave attempts but no one comes close.