Alright, so just a few weeks ago I attended my first Indian wedding, my brother married a gorgeous Indian girl. I thought the mendhi was super interesting, and I decided, i would like to learn how to do henna designs. Thing is, I’m white, and I have seen blogs on tumblr and what not saying that if im white I shouldnt even bother, but now I have indian family members and I am well aware of the traditions of henna and mendhi, and I know how important it is to the culture, so should I be okay to learn it? Plus, I really dont want to do it for the fashion purpose, I want to do it because I think the culture is very interesting and I want to become more involved with my sister in law’s side of the family.

If your sister-in-law is cool with it, I can’t imagine how anybody here could object.

Go for it!

I am white and I have done it, though not in recent years. I have Indian friends and it’s never even come up that someone who was not white should not be doing it.