We set the date!! I'm getting married!

It’s been a 2 week process for the 3 soothsayers my future in-laws hired to set our wedding date* but they have finally stated their sooth.

We’re getting married February 1st, 2013!

Also…holy crap, it’s really happening. I’m getting married :slight_smile:

*some Indian thing. We don’t believe in it but they do so it’s sort of live and let live.

Mazel tov!

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Felicidades :smiley:

For a different set of religious beliefs, you’re getting married on the feast of, among others:
Saint Brigid, abess; co-patron of Ireland
Saint Raymond of Fitero, founder of the Military Order of Calatrava
and, very appropriate in this case:
Saint Cecil, First Bishop of Granada

Hoosah! Are there going to be engagement pics we can drool over?
Culturally ignorant side note - isn’t that kind of far ahead for an Indian wedding?


Congratulations. Wishing you both a lifetime of joy and happiness together.

Thanks everyone! It’s a “last wedding” sort of deal for both of us on both sides of our respective families.

Nawth Chucka: the religious engagement will be in late November at my parents’ house in Boston so I’ll post some pictures from that.

Not sure if this is super far in advance for an Indian wedding or not…I am Indian myself but an NRI, so my experience is sort of Indian-American based to date and everyone books a year in advance here, including for my sister’s wedding.

Our wedding is being held in India because my fiance was born and raised there and came here for grad school. It’s going to be in Lucknow and I’ve never been there actually (I’m Marathi & Konkani).

Originally the soothsayers were saying post-mid-April with a few dates only in February but my parents and sibs want to go on vacation after the wedding and don’t want to deal with April/May heat in India so they went back to his side and asked for the February dates.

When it was still May-ish we were going to honeymoon in Kashmir but I think now with it being in February we might do the Rajasthan or Kerala honeymoon (sort of a fast 1 week gig…our real honeymoon will be later in the year).

Yahoo. Congratulations! Marriage to the right person is one of life’s great joys.


I can’t wait to see pictures. Are you going to have the whole bling thing going on also? I was over on a sari and salwar kameez site that also sells various levels of jewelry from cute to holy crap, how can someone walk with that much gold draped on them:eek: :smiley:


Did the soothsayers all agree on the date, or do they keep room for “I told you that date was unlucky!”

May you both be happy for many, many years to come!

Oh, yeah I almost forgot - PICS!

They all agreed on that date. Each of them came back with multiple dates for us but the reason my in-laws hired 3 of them is that my fiance and I preferred March, but were told by the first soothsayer that he foresaw (is that the right word?) November to December being okay, but very few dates from January to April 15th, with a couple of dates in February possibly.

Basically we get married in February or we are on wedding blackout for about 6 months until early summer 2013. Initially we got ourselves used to the idea of the May wedding after my SO convinced me that Kashmir would be a kickass honeymoon, but my family and sibs were not thrilled about going there at that time and not being able to travel anywhere post-wedding outside of the hill stations. Also my in-laws want us to hurry up and get married, so everyone pushed for the February date.

The whole thing has been a bit of a negotiation.


Yeah, I will be wearing a red saree but my hair and bridal jewelry will be more South Indian as pictured here or here

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Hopefully now that the date has been appropriately soothed (:D), it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Yay for you!

A hearty congratulations - best of luck with all the planning!

February is a good month to get married! Congratulations!

Will snappy song and dance numbers be included into the wedding venue or will it happen naturally.

/everything i know about India’s fantastic culture is from Bollywood.:smiley:

Bollywood is pretty accurate for the type of wedding we’ll be having because they usually depict large, ostentatious North Indian weddings and he’s a North Indian.

The weddings in my ethnic community are simple, held in the morning and largely unimportant. He has remarked that they are “rather boring,” which is pretty true.

I’m not much for scripted dance performances during the wedding. They kind of annoy me, actually, it’s a wedding, not a talent show (but to answer your question, yes, they happen!) But it’s very traditional for the groom to be preceded by something called a baraat, which I know my SO and his family want. It’s basically where your fiance rides in on a horse preceded by his family and friends dancing like maniacs.

Our wedding is in the morning and I’m not sure if they’ll want to do the baraat then or for the evening reception-North Indian weddings are usually in the evening but the soothsayers are saying we have to get married in the morning. But my SO and his friends have a long tradition of getting wasted before the baraat and dancing/horseriding and getting married drunk and they are looking forward to continuing the tradition for his wedding. The soothsayers have apparently put a bit of a crimp in this plan.

I’m really curious to see if he shows up sober to the 10:30 am wedding. My very strong suspicion is NO.