I'm getting married!

So, Really Not All That Bride and I will be getting married on Saturday. I know most of you don’t know me, but I announced my engagement here practically before I’d told half of my “normal” friends, and there are a couple of dozen people I know from here IRL, or just on here, who I consider true friends… and dozens more who I like.

So, yeah. Getting married. We’re going to New York for our honeymoon; I don’t particularly care for the place, but I’ve always wanted to see the NY Natural History Museum and Avenue Q.

Any last minute advice? Horrifying stories? Virtual toasts? :smiley:

Have a great time! Clink clink!

The best part is, you’re actually done planning your wedding :smiley:

In a Jewish wedding, the couple takes about 10 minutes alone, after the ceremony & before the reception. My husband considers this virtually the best idea the Jewish people ever had. Try to take 10 minutes together if you can, in a private place, to go “holy crap! we got married!” and have a glass of water and something to eat. A quickie is not altogether untraditional either. :smiley:


Wishing you many happy years together. Congrats!

Try not to look openly worried when you’re looking down the aisle, waiting for her to show in the doorway - or was that just my husband who visibly relaxed when he finally saw me? :smiley: (He was more than half-worried that I’d “come to my senses” over him and his insane family - nope!)

And yeah, the (theoretically) hardest part, the planning, is over. Try to relax and enjoy your wedding day!

Congratulations! This is probably more for your bride than you, but the best advice I would give for people getting married is to remember that what’s important is a marriage, not the colour of the napkins at the hall at your reception. After all the hubbub is over, you and your bride will laugh over the stuff that went wrong together.

And taking ten minutes together is an excellent idea - the day goes by in a blur.

If I can get the photographer to leave us alone during picture time (ie., cocktail hour for everyone else), this will be the best advice ever. :smiley:

Mazal tov :slight_smile:

So has your (insert influential older male here) sat you down and discussed your marital obligations in the bedroom?

I got the “birds and bees” conversation when I was about 12.

Dad: “So, uh, son… if there’s anything you want to know about men and women… you know, relationships, and se…”
Me: “Dad, they teach that stuff in schools now.”
D: “They… oh. So there’s nothing you need to know?”
M: “Nothing I can’t figure out for myself, Dad. You know I never read instruction manuals.”

Congratulations! I am going for round two myself on May 17. Try not to sweat the small stuff, and enjoy your day. After all, it’s the beginning of the rest of your lives :slight_smile:

Cherry2000 (eloping, getting married in Jamaica with only her spouse present)

Congrats RNATB!

Congrats to you as well, Cherry2000!

Conspiracy to Commit Matrimony is a serious crime. Carries a life sentence. Parole is possible, but not cheap.

But since you’re gonna do it anyway, make one of those funny wedding dance videos, possibly involving Pirate Ninjas, and post it for us.


Congrats :).

Since no one else will say it, I will.

Best username/thread title ever.


I’m sorry, congrats!!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations and all the best!

What happened to your virtual bachelor party? Heck, we could have had a Dopefest bachelor party if I was ever home in Florida anymore.


CONGRATULATIONS! May you have a long, long, happy and healthy life together :slight_smile:

I already had my “actual” bachelor party, but if anybody wants to let me stuff a virtual dollar in their virtual garter…

I already had my “actual” bachelor party, but if anybody wants to let me stuff a virtual dollar in their virtual garter…