Different Colored Wedding Dresses

I was watching the Golden Girls and Blanche is wearing her wedding dress and it is, of all colors, bright red.

Rose is astonished and says “Your wedding dress was red.” And Blanche replies, that even she couldn’t pull off white.

So my question is what different and unusual colors for wedding dressing have you seen?

I mean people trying to look dressy for a wedding, as opposed to an informal wedding in jeans or something.

My wife’s dress was off white/light tan when we got married. Not too crazy, but not the traditional white either. We were about 8 months pregnant at the time as well, so one of them regular dresses wouldn’t have worked so well anyway.

Mine was red. Not fire engine red. It was more a deep ruby velvet Juliet inspired Renfest kind of deal. I chose it because I look crappy in white, worse in beige and, dammit, I like red. :stuck_out_tongue:

(My great grandmother kept asking where the bride was.)

I’ve seen purple, silver, and red. The wedding dress I’m making for my sister is red and silver. I assume these “unusual colours” stem from a Western Hemisphere perspective because in my culture, white is reserved for mourning. For me, purple isn’t weird at all (it’s the colour of royalty), silver is actually traditional (wedding dresses used to be silver!) and red is actually the “normal” colour for my culture when it comes to wedding garb.

The traditional color for a Chinese wedding dress is red. I went to the wedding of a Chinese-American friend and she wore a red dress.

Kind of cool – if you go to google images and put in “[color] wedding dress” you get some great pictures:





Mine was mocha colored. I totally fell in love with the color when I saw the dress in a magazine and searched high and low to find someone who could order it for me.

It was perfect!

My sister chose gold silk for her dress, made out of material she got in Thailand when she was traveling. So we both chose to go non-white for our weddings.

A friend of mine from college got married wearing a historically accurate black and red Renaissance gown that she’d made herself. The rest of the wedding party was also in full garb.

For her second wedding (which was to my father) my mother wore a blue dress. Blue being her favorite color (& also somewhat traditional for a 2nd marriage). Ironically my grandmother (my father’s mother) also wore a blue dress when she got married, but that was just because she sorta eloped and wanted a dress she’d actually wear again. These weddings occured in the mid '40s and the mid '80s.

Those are both very pretty.

Those black wedding dresses are sure striking, but I don’t think I could get past the funereal associations. The other colours for wedding dresses are nice, but I think you run the risk of looking like you just have a very fancy dress on (like for a very posh Christmas party).

For our wedding, the wife – a Thai of Chinese heritage – wore a peach-colored dress. She had it made out of material she’d bought here.

Mine was red with black trim. It was (is) just plain cotton and cost about $60. We got married on a Friday afternoon at the courthouse. So we didn’t need the whole froufrou deal.

I wore it to my friend’s wedding exactly one year later.

And I finally got back into it last year after (gaining and then) losing 75 pounds. :slight_smile:

My mom wore a short, sparkly dark pink dress at her wedding. ( I was born seven months later!)

Mine was very pale silver. :slight_smile:

Mine was red with gold embroidery. White would have blended into the scenery too much :slight_smile:

Love it!

That’s just the color I came to post about. At the last wedding I attended the bride wore a dress that was that color combined with ivory. It was stunning, and absolutely perfect for her coloring. so much better than the same dress in white would have been on her.

For my second wedding I wore robin’s egg blue. My (pregnant at the time) mom was married in pale blue. My sister wore a beautiful dress with pale gold embroidery all but covering an ivory ground. In most lights it looked more gold than ivory.

I thought that the white wedding dress was a relatively recent trend (well, past 200 years), and that it became popular because Queen Victoria was married in one.

It is. Before her (Western) brides married in every colour except black (though black was popular in Scandanavia). Blue was quite popular because of it’s association with the Virgin Mary. Most brides didn’t even wear a new dress, just the nicest one they already owned.

My daughter’s dress was a pale silver-grey.

I think I’d just wear the nicest dress I already own. And not even the most formal one, if I don’t consider it the nicest. A wedding is about two things: the person you marry, and you. So I’d pick the dress that looked best on me or that my wife-to-be liked best, as opposed to what’s most normal. Put me up a tax bracket, and I might go for a custom-made purple, green or orange wedding dress. It would have to be hella fancy though.

Mine was a two-piece with a gold skirt and ivory corset top with gold banding.