Henry Winkler's stupid comment...

As I am surfing through the SDMB, my wife is watching Good Day Live. Henry Winkler is the guest host. They suprise him by brining on Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham). He says “Ladies and Gentleman she is truely one of the great women of the 21st century.”


I started laughing. I told my wife that Susan B. Anthony should have stuck around long enough to be on Survivor so people would actually remember her.

“One of the great women…” does not equal “THE GREATEST woman…”

Did Susan B. Anthony stoically survive the disappearance of her oldest son Chuck, the disappearance into the military of middle child Richie, and the marriage of baby Joanie to a hoodlum all while managing to keep potroast on the table? I think not.

Besides which, the 21st century doesn’t have a lot to choose from yet. And she really is an outstanding actress- you just couldn’t tell it on HAPPY DAYS. (She got the chance to shine in later productions, such as BROOKLYN BRIDGE, EVENING STAR, and onstage in an LA and brief-touring production of DRIVING MISS DAISY (with John Amos) and the umpteenth revival of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE.)

I know the meaning of the phrase, but is still seems to be incredibly overstating the case to call her one of the great women of the 21st century. You feel she is? I could understand if he said she was one of the greatest women he had known, but by bringing the entire century into play he is putting a sub-par actress up against some pretty stiff competition IMHO.

Plus, she was hilarious as Red’s mother on That 70’s Show.

Wouldn’t Susan B. Anthony be one of the greatest women of the 20th century?

If Jessica Lynch can get a Bronze Star for whatever it was she did, I don’t think Marion Ross getting complimented by The Fonz is a horrible sin.

More accurately, the nineteenth – she lived from 1820 to 1906, though she indeed “remained active until her death”.

THAT’S it? THAT’s the “stupid” comment Henry Winkler is being attacked for? I was ready to read that he’d said something genuinely crude, mean or offensive.

Come on, Moejuck! Winkler was just trying to pay homage to someone he truly likes and respects, and he got a little carried away.

I mean, if you called your Mom the most wonderful woman in the world," I wouldn’t call you “stupid,” and I wouldn’t start naming prominent female doctors or scientists or philanthropists who are much more wonderful than she is.

So what if the Fonz engaged in a little bit of hyperbole? He was trying to say something nice about a friend! Cut him some slack!


This ain’t cool!

(get a life, moe)

But can she jump a pool of sharks on a motorcycle?

Actually, the Fonz jumped a single shark, in a large net, on waterskis.

You are deemed uncool!
(reaches over and slams his fist on Country Squire’s computer, causing it to shut down)

I would chime in, but astorian said it better than I could.

If I was in front of a live television audience and my Mom walked in I might say she is the greatest women in my life or something along those lines. I wouldn’t call her one of the greatest women of any century (Sorry about the Susan B. Anthony thing!).

I know it’s not a big deal specifically, that’s why I said in my original post that I laughed. If I was ticked, this would be in the Pit. I was just amazed that he went so overboard. I get tired of celebrities always going overboard with their comments. Not a big deal though, and sorry to disappoint you so with the thread.

Also, I never called Winkler stupid, just his comment.

Besides Good Day Live is the Medina of stupid comments. Live with Regis and anybody would be the Mecca of stupid comments.

As for greatest women of the 21st century, well, the century is rather young and the bar has been set rather low so far. I mean who would Marion Ross have to compete with? Tara Reid, Jennifer Lopez, Ann Coulter, Carol Mosley Braun, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Bryant, the Hilton twins, the Olsen twins…

Precisely why I rarely nitpick…


IN FBI VOICE: “So, Mr. Ekers it’s YOU who’s responsible for the East Coast power shortage. Mind if we come inside for a moment?”

Has it occurred to anyone that Winkler might have been making fun of the hyperbole of celebrity introductions?

Country Squire. Three hours late, but still a good comeback.