heptathlon olympics and Decathlon whats the difference in them?

I’m watching the women’s Heptathlon this year. I remember watching Bruce Jenner in the Decathlon when I was a kid.

Always admired the Decathlon athletes because they excel at so many track & field events.

whats the difference in the heptathlon and Decathlon? Why have both in the Olympics? Is Heptathlon only for women? I know the mens decathlon starts next week.

At the Olympics, women do the heptathalon and men do the decathalon.

That seems to be the difference, seven events for women and ten for men. There may be male heptathletes and female decathalons, but they don’t get to be Olympic athletes.

The triathlon.
Somebody had to say it.

Also, the women run the 800m instead of the 1500m, hurdles are lower/distance is 10m shorter and the throw implements are lighter.

Britain’s Jessica Ennis is on track for the gold in the heptathlon. Amazing athlete and fun to watch.

As one of the many men who’ll be suffering from Ennis elbow after this weekend I wholeheartedly agree.

She got the Gold. This article has pics of Jessica in all her events. Shot Put - was her weakness. Javelin - she set a lifetime best for herself.

Training for all those track & field events is such an achievement. I always thought the Decathlon/heptathlon athletes were really the overall best in track & field because they do everything really well. I rather do a lot of things good then just be a great sprinter or a great long jumper.

To answer the original post:
Decathlon Day 1:
100 meter
Long Jump
Shot Put
High Jump
400 meter
Day 2:
110 Hurdles
Pole Vault
1500 meters

Heptathlon Day 1:
100 Hurdles
High Jump
Shot Put
200 meters
Day 2:
Long Jump
800 meters

And as previously noted, the field event implements are lighter for the women and the hurdles are lower.