Herbal Essences' disconcerting commercial

I’m curious.

Has anyone seen the Biker commercial for Herbal Essences Body Envy?

I just wondered if anyone was as shocked as I was to see it as I was. When I first saw it, I only caught the last part of it. I had to go and look it up on YouTube to see the whole thing. That’s where I discovered there is a woman involved.

I don’t know if I have “body envy”, but I definitely wish my hair was that pretty!!

Mods, I’m sorry if this should have gone into MPSIMS…it’s definitely mundane and pointless.

While I am admittedly obsessed with my hair, that commercial tickles me. The word disconcerting never entered my mind. When it came on while we were watching TV, I didn’t fast forward through it so my sweet pea could see it and he was amused as well. Then again, aside from having my own obsession; I am a “friend of the farm” and at the farm we’re concerned with the our horses looking pretty so we’re used to big, brawny creatures who have long, pretty, shiny manes and tails (with bounce!). :wink: