Herbalists: Dong Quai for fertility?

In doing some research last night for natural methods to boost fertility and female hormonal balance, I stumbled across the herb Dong Quai which can be taken as a tea or a capsule or you can just go right back to nature and walk around gnawing on the root.

Standard Western Medicine doctors of course say “no way…stay away from it”, but holistic doctors, nutritionists and herbalists all say it boosts your fertility like crazy, calms menstrual cramps, regulates periods and is a ‘fertility miracle’.

So I guess I’m wondering what the real scoop is, how is it effectively taken (since some doctors say BEFORE ovulation and some say AFTER), if anyone takes it, and if herbal medicine is bunk.

I have no knowledge or personal opinion about dong quai (other than to ask your own family doc/gyno for his/her opinion)…I did notice that a quick search at http://groups.google.com shows a few discussions in the alt.infertility newsgroup.

I’m actually trying to find a way of boosting female hormone levels without having to give myself shots, something I simply…can’t do. Dong Quai is rumored or ‘proven’ to do so and is especially recommended for women who are coming off birth control pills.

And I DID a google search and I read about a dozen articles about it. I was looking for some personal experiences or thoughts from doctors or herbalists on the boards.

My above link was not for a “google search”. It was to search the newsgroups. The alt.infertility **newsgroup/b] (and maybe others) would have personal stories that might be something to look at. You also might want to look at the forums at babycenter.com for personal experiences.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. Bad week.

I looked into Dong Quai when I was told it was the “ginseng for women”.

I seem to recall Dong Quai as expensive, but I was fortunate to have a roommate that worked for a company that made vitamins, so we got ours for dirt cheap or free.

I took it for awhile and can’t recall any effects whatsoever, positive or negative.

Just my experience! :slight_smile: