Here at the McCain rally

McCain is speaking here in Durango in about 40 minutes. I figured that I would go just to hear him speak, even though I already voted against him, but I figure I should try to be informed as possible.

The first thing I want to complain about it I waited in line for 2 hours to get in and I still have a bad seat. Secondly is that once I made it through the line they took my bottle opener that I keep in my wallet because it was ‘heavy’ and I could throw it. They must really think people hate him to wait in line for 2 hours to throw one credit card sized piece of metal at the man.

I dont have much else at this point they had a couple of local politians speak but now its been random music for about 20 minutes. Although they did play We Will Rock You and they have been a couple of USA chants.

I was hoping to get to ask a question butit doesn’t seam that this is a town hall style event. That is it for now I’ll post some of his best comments later and give my general impressions of the event.

You’re a braver soul than I! How big is the crowd? Any general impressions?

He must be pretty popular if you had to wait two hours to get in and still got a shitty seat.

Oh to know what Freddie Mercury would think…

Quick update: I was just interview by a reporter who’s paper circulated in Dallas, minniapolis (sp?), and Boston but I didnt catch the name. ::USA chant in back ground:: He asked what I thought of Pallin. My initial response was that she was weak on foreign policy. This sealed to bore him so he asked if I had anything else so I brought up her knowledge of economic polociy and how it is impossible to have a budget defficit(sp?) in Alaska. His last question was if he selection pushed me away from McCain to which I told him deffinatly. He then asked what I did and was shocked when I aitted to being in Oil and Gas. I think I might make what ever paper it was.

Oh one last chant: I don’t know but I’ve been told, this election is mighty close.

He’s dead, Jim

McCain entered to the stair climbing song from Rocky, 15 minutes late. Cindy began talking first and imeaditly went into their family’s military service. Palin’s son was called the Palin boy. Lindsey Ghram was announced as John’s bestfriend and made a great joke: Cindy’s father was shot down three times and John was shot down twice, Cindy must have a thing for guys who get shot down, infact she is the patron saint of guys who get shot down.

Also great: You all know Joe the plumber? Well there is another Joe out there Joe the Biden.

Apparently Limdsey Ghram is currently an active member of the army reserve as a colonial.

McCain just went around the crowd reading all of the Joe the blank signs in the audience.

Finnaly something I haven’t heard: Obama has a work requirement for his health plan.

Good news the troops will be brought home with victory and honor.

More good news McCain will not allow the government bailout to happen. We need to bailout homeowners by keeping housing prices up.

We will never again spend money on another bridge to no-where in Alaska.

Don’t give up hope be strong and fight. . . Nothing is enevitable - McCains closing line. Exits to if the house is a rocking don’t bother knocking. 35 min total time with 6 “My Friends”
I want to appoligize for this post. I was taking notes during the speech and since I’m on my phone I can’t edit to make it coherent. I’ll make a sperate post with my impressions.

Seriously? This was his A-list material?

How can there be “another” bridge when they were so principled in stopping the first one?

I sorry to say that media gives an accurate impression of rallys. Lots of cheering in support and nothing but empty platitudes from the canidate. Aside from some of the good comedy this was a waste of time. McCain didn’t tell us anything new or relivant. I think I’m done coming to events.

McCain was the good speaker that was seen in the last two debates and Lindsey Ghram was exelent. Although I thought it was weird that they drove him into the stadium instead of letting him walk and he was no where to be seen during the pledge or national anthem. With that and the short speech time I have to wonder about his constitution but then again maybe that is normal.

I’m off to dinner but I’ll be back later a bit drunk, I decided to drink for every my friend.

How many were there?


Did he serve on Battlestar Galactica?

Wait … what? Isn’t this the bailout that was so important he had to stop campaigning and fly to D.C. to get passed?

But then that Road to Nowhere that they did build with government money will never lead anywhere.

I couldn’t believe how many McCain surportsrs there were Durango is known for being very liberal and still the entire home side was packed probably 2000 people and then another 500 or so on the field. The town only has about 40k people and the nearest town is 50 miles away. I also hears from some of the late commers that they had to turn people away.

I’m glad I chose “My friends” to drink to my buddy went with “I will fight” and he couldn’t even finish his and we were drinking high quality saki, I think his count was in the thirties.

The jokes weren’t great but the delivery on the Joe the Biden made me laugh not to mention he continued to refer to him as the Biden for the rest of his speech. One thing I forgot earlier was that apparently Biden made a big mistake saying that Obama will be challenged in his first 6 months as president. I don’t get it as a bad thing but it was a big enough talkng point that they quoted a good part of Biden’s speech.
I’m just curious has anyone else been to a rally for a canidate they don’t support? Are my impressions of rallys about right whether you agree with a canidate or not?

I was confused about the bailout as well but he sealed very against it tonight saying he would allow that kind of money to be spent bailing out big corperations. So I guess his leadership got him a plan he doesn’t support.

I’m not sure about the bridge either we didn’t build it and if I remember correctly the money ended up in Alaska’s coffers. So I don’t think anyone outside Alaska wants another one.

I’m to drunk to get the Battlestar galictica comment.

You should have had another friend who could drink whenever someone said “maverick”.

I wonder why he went to Durango of all places, unless he was trying to split the trip with New Mexico. Farmington isn’t that far away, is it?

So he was for the bailout before he was against it?

Re: BSG, When you said he was a “colonial” it just made me think of the Colonial Fleet.

Farmington is about 50 miles away and is the political oposite of Durango. The reason that I think he wasn’t down there is the Gov. Richardson was speaking down there today for Obama and he didn’t want to compete.

Ya I figures that I spelled colonel wrong but I only remember colonial to get close and I let spell check do the rest. Unfortunatly I wasn’t able to do even remedial editing on that post and my phone doesn’t have a very good spell check anyway. Thanks for explaning it.