I call bullshit on John McCain's purely political "suspension" tactic.

In a transparent attempt to both avoid having to debate Barack Obama on friday and to boost his plummeting poll numbers, the McCain camp has contrived the purely political tactic of pretending to “suspend” his campaign and run away from friday’s debate.

This is not about “putting aside politics.” This IS politics. This is a POLITICAL move. Obama should come out to the microphone and cluck like a chicken. That should be his response. He can’t keep campaigning, of course, but he should clearly call this for the passive-aggressive political stunt that it is.

There aren’t enough eyerolls in the world for this. It’s so blatantly obvious, even I can see that.

A senator is stopping his non-job related duties to pay attention to his job-related duties, and you’re outraged?

More senators should pay attention to their JOBS and their ELECTED DUTIES, rather than focusing on their re-election campaigns and fundraising.

I’m sure McCain is already making the “Obama refused to quit campaigning to focus on America’s economy…” ad. I’m sure McCain already has bought up the time to AIR the ad. I’m curious what Obama’s response will be. If he takes the bait, McCain looks all leaderly. If he dismisses it, McCain runs the ads and gloats about it for the rest of the cycle.

Of course the correct response is just to call it a shameless bit of grandstanding and that the economy will be better off without McCain and his cronies meddling in it.

As I said in the GD thread, their jobs became Presidential Candidate when they were nominated. There are exactly two people in the US who are running for President; I submit that their duties in that respect are rather a bit more pressing than those duties hundreds of other Washington people can and already are dealing with.

Does this mean Mrs Alaska has finished trolling the UN?

Except that McCain also did this:
The campaign also announced that McCain was canceling today’s planned appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

There’s no conflict between those two things. It’s a phony choice.

So he’s afraid of David Letterman too.

You shit eating scum sucking fucking worthless moron. He decided to put his senatorial duties on hold when he decided to run for president. He is the nominee his fucking job is to make his case for why he should be president. Part of that job is to present his views and debate the other contender so the people can make an informed decision as to who should lead this country through the fucking quagmire that the republican party has gotten us into. What the fuck, you think the hundreds of other senators congressmen and various other officials can’t get along without John McCain pounding his chest screaming “country First”. You fucking weasily apologist worthless motherfuckers make me want to move to South America and join the revolution against this retarded country full of morons like you.

If you feel this way, then he should stop all non-job related duties from now until the election. He doesn’t need to be out campaigning any more. We all know who he is, no more appearances and speeches either.

Oh and the Governor of Alaska can go back to her job, too.

The President of the United States — and anybody who doesn’t follow this, please let me know if I go too fast here, or leave out some critical details — is expected to be able to handle many important things at the same time.

Do you think this may have something to do with McCain’s chief campaign manager caught in a flat lie about the money he has been getting from Freddie Mac?

This would be one gigantic debate hammer.

Uh, wouldn’t that have been taped some time ago? The commercials for today’s episode showed McCain sitting in the guest’s chair.

Ding! Wave the shiny thing and distract the media!

I wonder if McCain would feel more comfortable if we also delayed the election for him?

Seriously, if McCain were, in fact, sincere about “postponing” the campaign to deal with the economy, why didn’t he approach Obama about it in private, first? No, instead, he proposed it through the press- exposing it for the hypocritical political maneuver it is.

I believe that was from a previous appearance. Letterman is usually taped around 5:30pm for that night. At least, it used to be.

Ah, my bad. I always thought Letterman was a mix of segments taped that day and on previous days. I know there are a few other shows that do that; guess I just assumed that for Letterman, too.

McCain is my Senator, he can stay the hell away from Washington and continue his useless campaign for president. I’ll laugh when he loses worse than Goldwater.

Pure politics and an attempt at desperation on McCain’s part. I hope Obama call BS on this.

Grandstanding, pure and simple. But he has to, he missed the trampoline coming back down from his bounce.

And if Obama goes along with it, I’ll call grandstanding on him too, but I won’t understand why he’s doing it.

It would be far preferable, and far more instructive for the people, for the two of them - one of which will have to deal with this “crisis” after January 20th - to debate this “crisis” on Friday evening.