Bailout deal agreed to. McCain's"leadership" not required.

This is still breaking on the news channels, nothing linkable yet, but Chris Dodd just announced that the Dems and Pubs have just agreed “in principle” to a bailout package. The scheduled meeting at the White House this afternoon for McCain to save the day has now become irrelevant. I don’t know what they’ll do now. I guess they’ll sip lemonade and play records.

Anyway, McCain’s “help” was neither required nor requested to make this deal. This stunt has officially blown up in his face. The legislative “crisis” has been resolved. Now he HAS to go get his ass spanked at Ole Miss. Even better, he no longer has an excuse to try to pull Palin from thursday’s debate.

ETA, I’m now hearing that the Senate Banking Committee decided to adopt Barack Obama’s proposal as the template for the deal. Snicker.

Of course McCain helped. The congressional leaders said to each other, “Shit! John McCain’s coming back to town to try and fix a deal on the crisis. Let’s get our agreement together before he can come in and fuck up the whole thing on us.” Without that pressure on them, they’d still be wheeling-and-dealing.

That’s basically what Barney Frank said last night:

Barney Frank rocks. He tells it like it is. He doesn’t give a shit.

You know, I really can’t wait to see this debate. After gliding through a few blogs and forums every post for McCain boils down to “Obama is unpatriotic, McCain put country first!” despite the obvious fact that McCain wasn’t needed in DC and he isn’t on the committee anyway. Thats just basic reasoning, really. Obama was right when he said a President needs to be able more than one thing at a time. I don’t understand what the McDupes see in McCain. Really, I don’t…he hasn’t said or done anything that gives me any faith in him.

Country first is going to the debate. There is little more than a month left before we elect a new president. Country first isn’t trying to duck out of the debate and get your ill chosen and non-qualified running mate out of it too.

Country first isn’t 100 years in Iraq. Country first isn’t saying the economy is strong and then having it blow up in your face and claim “I meant the workers”.

I’m tired of watching the US go down the tubes. This election is becoming a circus because WE put up with this nonsense. McCain’s stunt was a BS move to avoid the real issues and concerns. Thats not the actions of someone I want to as a president. This shouldn’t be a “My team against Your Team” thing for voters. We need to hear these men and make decisions on voting by who can serve the nation best. My wife was going to vote for McCain but this latest stunt, plus Palin have made her change her mind.

McCain pulled a “Jerry Rector.” Let me explain.

When I was a kid, my older brother and I played little league. Being the athlete of the family, my brother was chosen to play in the All-Star game in our town, while I wasn’t. The day of the game Jerry Rector showed up, with his bat, ball, and glove, and his little uniform on, even though he didn’t make the team. His presence there was neither asked for nor required, and with his few skills he wouldn’t have added anything to the occasion anyway. He so wanted to be part of the team, but he just didn’t have it. Just like McCain, he ended up a spectator.

Where did you hear that?

I heard it on the Ed Schultz radio show.

OK. If you find it in writing, please post a link. There is someone I’d like to show that to.

I wonder if McCain even thought about what would happen if it got settled today. Maybe the plan was to slow it down so he’d look leaderly by being there.

It strikes me that crap like this - acting rashly without thinking of the consequences - is how we got into this mess in the first place. That goes for borrowers, lenders, and banks. Great show of judgment there, John.

Will do. It’s possible I misheard something. I haven’t seen or heard anything else about that yet.

He probably thought everybody would stop and look to him for leadership. At least that’s how his monkeys probably envisioned it when they came up with this stunt.

McCain surrogates are on TV and such right now trying to spin it as if he is somehow responsible for the success of what has happened so far. Yes that’s right, folks! Thank St. John for your bailout bill. His selfless suspension of his campaign has completely saved us all!

McCain is in a real bind isn’t he? I think what he will try to do is to say he is satisfied with the deal, claim some kind of credit for it and appear for the debate. His surrogates will try to tout his actions as an example of leadership. It won’t work but it may avoid complete humiliation.

The other alternative would be double down , oppose the deal and run against both Bush and the Democratic Congress and say he is fighting for the little guy against corrupt Washington interests. Substantively that would be disastrous and would really spook the markets. It would probably be disastrous politically as well but given McCain’s recklessness there is a smallish chance he may go for it.

One of McCain’s campaign bobos was just on Fox trying to spin that this deal happened as a result of McCain’s announcement yesterday.

The regular Fox morons are trying to parse words about whether it’s really a “deal” or not. They’re clearly upset.

OK I didn’t see that. It appears McCain will try to walk his way back from this mess. This spin is too ridiculous to work but it may avoid complete disaster. This whole episode will set in stone the narrative of McCain as reckless which won’t help him at all though.

Thanks, Diogenes. I woke up today after yesterday’s debacles and thought “It’s a great day to be a Democrat”.
It’s even better this afternoon than it was this morning!

I’m going to go buy a lotto ticket.

You might wait for more of the dust to settle before you start crowing.

From yahoo news:

Besides, I think with something like this, it would be a good (if not necessary) idea to make sure McCain and Obama both were fully behind this deal. Bush isn’t the one who will have to implement it.

I don’t know what you think your link is supposed to prove. The deal is done. If you don’t believe it, look at the Market. That tells you they think it’s done.

In any case, McCain would still have no input on any negotiations or on writing anythimng. he’s not on any of the relevant committes and he’s not in any leadership. All he can do is vote. His economic opinions are not valued and have not been sought.

I did hear again that Chris Dodd says the Banking Committee used Obama’s plan as an outline. So McCain got out-maneuvered. Too bad, so sad. Now he has to go to Oxford MS and take his ass-kicking like a man.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Republicans ginned up some kind of problem that stalls the process which would take McCain to “fix” That’s the first thing I felt when those Republicans started hedging in the news.