Here, gimme that.

Why would you even bring that? It’s ridiculous. I’m going to put it in the linen cupboard and you can have it back after the party.

No go tap that keg and pick out a movie.

No. It’s mine and I brought it. I get to keep it. In plain sight.

Hm, fine. But at least tie it to your chest with this fluffy pink yarn. You don’t want to lose it, and I want everyone to know one of those is in the hut.

The yarn just has to be pink huh? Twine isn’t good enough or perhaps LOUD enough for you?

No, I’ll just drip dip on it. Let me just put it on the mantle place.

gasp…:eek: Cannot believe I’m seeing that on the mantle place in your hut!

I know. I’d be ambarassed for him but it’s a cultural thing so whatareyagonnado?

And that’s only dip, so I’m told.

When come back bring content.