Here I kneel at work, in the toilet, puking my guts up.

Yep I’m pregnant.

Morning sickness I hate you.

It is 7.51pm – it is not morning – go away!

Tonight we are having a big meeting at the office with many important people who we need to impress. Here I kneel in the toilet, puking my guts up.

They joy!

My only consolation is that as two very wise people (Primaflora and my Doctor) have told me that as long as I am being sick and having nausea I’m unlikely to be miscarrying. So toilet I embrace you, bring on the vomit!

Morning sickness, so I hear, is th’ pits. {{{leechbabe}}}

On th’ other hand, I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you, in the rushing stampede of happy tidings to you over at G’Dope. Sorry ‘bout that. Have a happy, peaceful, content pregnancy – we just know th’ bubby will be as wonderful as th’ mother!

Take care.

Congratulations (again) leechie. :smiley:

I hope you’re having fun calling Ralph and Huey on the great white telephone.

If a bubbaleechie Meldope is declared next year, I’ll do my best to get my sorry New South Welsh arse along to it.

Congratulations (again) Leechbabe. Here’s to the new addition to the G’dope and SDMB !!!

You can browse the SDMB from the toilet at your office?!

I had the same thought. What an extraordinary woman! Brava!

(And many congratulations, Leechbabe.)

Congradulations Leechbabe!

Look at it from this point of view:

Those important people you should have been meeting with are all very happy you’re not puking on them :slight_smile:

CRorex, cherishing his Y chromosome.

Wouldn’t that be cool, if not very hygenic :).

Actsherly I emerged ever so briefly to sit at my desk and look normal before dashing back to puke some more.

I take morning sickness as a sign that God hates straights and is punishing you for having such unnatural sex :wink:

Would it help if you pretended you had been out carousing? Face it, chundering the next day is often the sign of a really good night out, many details of which are never remembered.

Thylacine, you kill me!

You have my greatest empathy, leechy.

And congrats again! I bet Leechboy is pretty darn proud of himself!

May I offer some advice? I’ve had two kids and was pretty nauseous with both of them. I stayed sick just about 24 hours a day and it was at its worst in the grocery store.
I discovered that the combination of motion sickness Sea Bands around my wrists and sniffing a freshly cut lemon did wonders for keeping my lunch down.

Sure, I looked a little silly walking through the grocery store poking holes in a lemon with my fingernail and sniffing it, but it kept me from having a technicolor yawn in the cereal aisle on more than one occasion. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I get nauseous with my kid, too.

Hang on, he’s four years old, and I’m a guy…

Well great! You are in a perfect position to help with a question I’ve wanted answered for a long time. When you flush does it go clockwise or counter clockwise? :smiley:

[sub]D&R over the hills and through the brush to nestle snugly in a thorny thicket where even the dopers with boomerangs can’t get at me.[/sub]

Take a change of clothes and a towel and washrags and keep them at work. As I found out, it can strike suddenly and not give you a chance to make it into the toilet or even miss your shirt. And sugar based breath mints like spear 0 mint lifesavers or TicTac silvers are your friend. Chewing those can make your mouth taste better and help settle the tummy when brushing your teeth will make you puke more.

Just yesterday I learned these lessons.

Congratulations! If it hits in the morning, too, remember to put something in your mouth before you get upright. Saltines on the nightstand are a good thing.
You’ve never had such a good excuse to get crumbs in the sheets!

leechbabe, I am happy and sorry for you. Congratulations and sympathies!

Hey, just get Tarquin to clean up after you…as I recall, Lab’s will eat anything. :smiley:

(oh, alright, it was pretty gross…I apologise) :stuck_out_tongue:

kambuckta, all I can say is:

leechbabe, again, congrats :slight_smile:

Oh, boy, do I remember that. Congrats, BTW!

The lemon trick worked for me, too. For meetings, a glass of water with slabs of lemon sliced into it - sipped ever so slowly and breathing in the scent with each sip - was a huge help. Not just lemon juice in water or lemonade, it had to have the peel, too.

If your gut has slowed down, candied ginger (again, nibbled slowly) often helps the nausea, too.

I was once challenged for coming late to a meeting, along the lines of, “what took YOU so long? Everyone else showed up on time…” They shut up real fast when I casually replied, “sorry I’m late, I was busy throwing up,” and sat down. :eek:

Hrrm however I’m thinking you should look at this as an OPPERTUNITY :slight_smile:

A very special oppertunity to vomit on coworkers you don’t like and you have the perfect excuse: I’m pregnant.