Here, you are a Doper, but elsewhere, what are you?

Collectively, we who post here on the SDMB, are known as Dopers (or the Teeming Millions).

So I was wondering… what are collective nicknames belonging to fans of other places on the internet? I don’t care how well known or obscure these places are. I’m just interested in other collective nicknames given to those who frequent any particular sites online. The sites don’t have to be discussion forums. They can be blogs, web sites, facebook, etc. It doesn’t matter as long as the internet fan base is collectively referred to some nickname.

A well known example: Those who post on the “Something Awful” Forums are known as Goons.

An example for myself: I am a fan of Paul and Storm, so I am known as a Minion.

I am a Georger -

No other communities I frequent name themselves. Maybe FARKer, but I don’t pay for the membership, I just read…


People that participate in the online community for the Sluggy Freelance webcomic call themselves Sluggites.

I am a TGP’er - I frequent The Gear Page for guitar geek stuff…

“Maggot” - Teton Gravity Research (ski film maker) message boards. Comes from people originally posting on the Power Magazine (hence maggot) board. There was a mass migration over to TGR when an overzealous adminstrator deleted a bunch of old posts.

I’m a “goon,” a member of the SomethingAwful forums. I know a few other Dopers are, as well.

I used to frequent the Adult Swim message boards a lot (but I haven’t posted anything since August) and I typically stayed in the Action Discussion folder–otherwise known as AD. AD discusses anime shows that Adult Swim currently airs or has the legal rights to. So, I was an ADer.

When I was on 419eater I was a baiter. (As a matter of fact, two of the post ranks there are “master baiter” and “master of master baiters”. They have a weird sense of humor).

I am really just a reader as opposed to a participant, but I am a TPMer (TalkingPointsMemo) and a Kossack (Daily Kos).

People on TVTropes are “Tropers”.

I’m a Son of Sam Horn, or SoSH.

I’m a Bauxite

Whoa, you were a baiter? Cool! I love to read those baits - I especially enjoy when the lad realizes that he is a mugu. Rock on, dude!

Was a baiter. I was pretty bad at it (although I did have an amusing few-months exchange with a unicorn seller).

Cyburbian (where people also post questions to The Throbbing Brain. Real life user gatherings are “laefests”, a bastardization of “alefest”.)

I haven’t been active in a long time, but I was a high-ranking member of the Dark Legion. We were a Starcraft clan on US-East and were pretty big 10 years ago.



And I used to be an LPer. (And I may again someday.) But not anymore.

Wow. Are you guys as scary as you’re rumored to be? I’ve heard…stories.

Where’s the “In anime and manga” section of this post? You’re slacking, ped. I also don’t see an “In anime and manga” section in any of your other posts. What would happen if I told the other Tropers that?

Probably I shouldn’t mention this or how I know it :wink: but users of one board which I do not want to mention (for reasons that are probably obvious) are known as /b/tards. Snopes’ message board has snopesters, and there is another well known group (again who I probably do not need to name) known as anonymous.

disclaimer: I personally am none of the above.

Nope. We’re not talking about 4chan, even though it seems like it’s in the same neighborhood, in a way.

I’m only an occasional poster there; probably not a full-fledged Goon in the eyes of those that make SA their virtual local.