Not a game, but for fun: Who's in your "Doper Gang"?

In any thread of any size where I’m likely to post (not counting threads I start) because of the topic or the “feel” of the OP, there’s a better than even chance that I’m going to be joined by a group of Dopers who, for lack of a more meaningful name, I like to think of as my “Doper Gang.”

Going on five years ago…

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Who all is in your Doper Gang? What’s its name?
07-18-2006, 10:31 AM
08-10-2006, 06:02 PM

…asked a similar question and got some fun responses.

If you can’t just name 10-20 individuals who seem to follow you around (or vice versa) and who may not be on your own “Friends” list, you might look at the bigger threads you’ve posted in and check the “Who Posted?” data to get a list of the others there. Do that on a dozen or so threads and you can make a good enough list for the purposes of this thread. (If you can do it from memory, so much the better.)

And this is more just to see how we all overlap in our affinities for other Dopers (good, bad, or indifferent) than for any official record keeping.

I’ll be building my own list to post after a while.

Although I have far to go in checking out the first 10 random threads I picked that I didn’t start myself and that had at least 50 replies each, here’s a sample for what I was driving at in the OP.

While Zeldar posted in all 10, these had posted in at least 4:

Chefguy (7)

TriPolar (5)
blondebear (5)

Mahaloth (4)
DCnDC (4)
silenus (4)
Siam Sam (4)
**hogarth ** (4)
mac_bolan00 (4)

I have no idea what name this “gang” might go by, but the chances appear pretty good that you could find us together again in some future thread(s).

Nobody - this Cat walks alone. :slight_smile:

I’d call your Doper Gang that Bunch of Weirdos, but that’s just me. :smiley:

You might even go with “Old Weirdos” for some of us. :wink:

I’m possibly in the bunch of weirdos that happens to be coincidentally nonchalantly wandering in the same direction as where ever Cat Whisperer is going.
Or else she’s following me from in front.

I’m starting to feel eyes on the back of my neck. It’s…rubbery.

How do you see who posted?

Never mind, figured it out. And it seems that I don’t really have a gang of posters I congregate with. I never was very good at cliques.

In the listing for the threads in the forum (or in the New Posts list) you will see a line something like this:

Not a game, but for fun: Who’s in your “Doper Gang”?
Zeldar Today 04:54 PM
by Antigen 6 129 Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS)

That “by Antigen 6 129” group shows the last poster, the number of posts and the number of views. The “number of posts” is a live link to the “Who Posted?” listing which shows who and with how many posts each have replied.

That help?

We could call our gang The Righteous.

Hey, here I am in another thread of yours. :smiley:

I am an army of one, baby.

The “gang” got together some time ago and even though I don’t remember all the names here is a photo

I tried to start a gang of my own a couple years back. But seeing as how it was supposed to be one of the westside story dancing gangs, no body wanted to join. So I guess put me down as another ‘gang of one’ I guess.

And if ya’ll will excuse me, I’m going to go cry myself to sleep again.

Hey, I just remembered. My gang had a photo too.

Fancy! Which one are you?

I’m the one not in a uniform, right behind Cat Whisperer.

The first thing I saw when I realized you started this thread was that we post in a quite a few threads together.

I suggest the name “Mahaloth and his minions”

What? You don’t like it?

I vote Aye!

My group knows who they are. That’s right. I’m looking at you.

I was afraid that was going to be me in front. I just can’t take a good picture.

(Who’s the guy in the death’s head mask? That’s pretty creepy.)